Compared to the last report demand remained strong, prices remained mostly steady, and actual trades were up for the south-central region. Conversations last week revolved around questions regarding a softening market. Although there were discussions, actual prices reported remained firm. Many agree that if precipitation is not received within the next 30 days, they will be up against “the trouble line” which may result in the selling off of cattle. Conversely, southeastern Kansas farmers would like to be in the fields but have found them too soft to begin their work, despite the drought situation. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor for January 10th, Kansas areas recorded little if any precipitation and over 57% of the state remains in extreme to exceptional drought. The current categorical percent area for abnormally dry conditions (D0) remained at 15%, moderate drought (D1) remained at 16%, severe drought (D2) remained near 12%, extreme drought (D3) decreased to 19%, and exceptional drought (D4) increased to near 38%. ** Prices below reflect the average price. There could be prices higher and lower than those published. Full USDA-AMS Report

Southwest Kansas
Dairy alfalfa steady, grinding alfalfa and ground and delivered steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: horse, supreme small squares 12.00-14.00/bale. Dairy, 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Good, Stock or Dry Cow 295.00-305.00. Grinding alfalfa, large rounds, 280.00-290.00, large square 3×4’s and 4×4’s 305.00-315.00. Ground and delivered locally to feed lots and dairies 340.00-350.00. Alfalfa/grass hay mix ground and delivered 290.00-300.00; Grass Hay: Bluestem: large square 3×4’s 145.00-155.00. Oat hay: large 3×4’s 165.00-175.00. Corn stalks: large square 3×4’s 125.00-130.00.00. The week of 1/08-1/14, 4,204T of grinding alfalfa and 719T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought or sold. The average paid by feedlots on January 1 for alfalfa ground and delivered was $282.05, up $24.30 from the previous month, usage was 606T/day, down 9% from last month and total usage was 18,792 T.

South Central Kansas
Dairy alfalfa steady, grinding alfalfa mixed, ground and delivered, and alfalfa pellets steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: horse, small squares 255.00-275.00. Dairy 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Good, Stock cow, 290.00-305.00. Fair/good grinding alfalfa, large rounds 280.00-290.00, 3×4 and 4×4’s 290.00-295.00. Ground and delivered 300.00-310.00. Alfalfa/Soybean: ground and delivered 295.00-305.00. Alfalfa pellets: Sun cured 15 pct protein 320.00-335.00, 17 pct protein 325.00-335.00, Dehydrated 17 pct 395.00-400.00. Grass Hay: Bluestem, large rounds 195.00-205.00. CRP 115.00-125.00. Sudan: 3×4 and 4×4’s 200.00-210.00. Corn stalks: large rounds 100.00-110.00, ground and delivered 220.00-230.00. Soybean stalks, large rounds 115.00-125.00. Failed Soybean bales, large round and large squares, 140.00-180.00. Soybeans ground and delivered, 220.00-225.00. Milo: large rounds 130.00-140.00; Wheat straw: 105.00-115.00. The week of 1/08-1/14, 6,571T of grinding alfalfa and 325T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought or sold. The average paid by
feedlots on January 1 for alfalfa ground and delivered was $252.98, up $8.69 from the previous month, usage was 262T/day, up 3% from last month and total usage was 8,130 T.

Southeast Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, grinding alfalfa steady, bluestem grass hay mixed, movement slow. Alfalfa: horse or goat, 260.00-270.00. Dairy 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Good, stock cow 260.00-270.00. Fair/good grinding alfalfa 295.00-300.00; Grass hay: Bluestem, small squares 160.00-170.00, good 3×4 squares 145.00-155.00, large round 120.00-130.00, Brome, 3×4 and 4×4 squares 160.00-170.00. Corn stalks: large round 100.00-110.00. The week of 1/08-1/14, 1,273T of grass hay was reported bought or sold.

Northwest Kansas
Dairy alfalfa and grinding alfalfa steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: Horse or goat, small squares 300.00-400.00 delivered, 3×3 squares 420.00-430.00 delivered. Dairy, Premium/Supreme 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Stock cow, fair/good none reported. Fair/good grinding alfalfa, large square 3×4’s 300.00-310.00. Milo stalks, large rounds 145.00-150.00.

North Central-Northeast Kansas
Dairy alfalfa steady, grinding alfalfa, and bluestem grass hay steady, ground/delivered mostly steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: Dairy 1.40-1.50/point RFV; Horse hay, premium small squares, 12.50-13.50/bale, 3×4’s 290.00-300.00.; Stock Cow 3×4’s none reported. Fair/good, grinding alfalfa, large rounds 230.00-240.00, large square 3×4’s 240.00-250.00; Alfalfa ground and delivered 275.00-300.00; Alfalfa/Prairie grass mix ground and delivered 270.00-275.00. Grass hay: Bluestem, small squares 8.00-8.50/bale, large 3×4 squares 180.00-190.00, good large rounds 140.00-150.00. Brome: small squares 9.00-9.50/bale. Sudan: large rounds 155.00-165.00 delivered, large square 3×4’s 165.00-175.00 delivered. Wheat straw: small squares 6.00/bale, large rounds 105.00-110.00, large squares 110.00-120.00. Corn stalks: large rounds 95.00-100.00, corn stalks ground and delivered 145.00-155.00. The week of 1/08-1/14, 830T of grinding alfalfa and 275T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought or sold.


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