KSFCG Objectives

KSFGC Objectives:

  • Promote the profitable use of forages for the efficient production of feed, food and fiber.
  • Provide a forum for discussing forage problems and exchanging ideas, opportunities and solutions to problems.
  • Collect and publicize information on forage technology and economics.
  • Promote the development of equipment and products by agricultural industries needed for forage production and utilization.
  • Encourage expanded and intensified research in production, marketing, and utilization of forages.
  • Promote the use of forages for soil and water conservation and control of water pollution.
  • Cooperate with other organizations to promote forage production, marketing and utilization.
  • Encourage outstanding achievements in the forage industry through a recognition and awards program.
  • Develop vigorous leadership to ensure continued support for the Kansas forage-livestock industry.