2022 Census of Agriculture is Here! Responses due by Feb. 6, 2023

Postcard invitations to complete the 2022 Census of Agriculture online were mailed November 21. Paper questionnaires will be mailed in December to operations that haven’t responded online. All responses are due February 6. Producers can respond online at agcounts.usda.gov. The ag census is the nation’s only comprehensive and impartial agriculture data for every state, county, and territory. By completing the Census, Kansas producers can tell their story and help generate impactful opportunities that better serve them and future generations of producers.

Changes for 2022 include new questions about precision agriculture, hemp production, hair sheep, and updates to internet access questions. The data not only influence business and supply chain logistics, they inform policy and program decisions that directly impact producers, ag operations, and communities across the United States.

To learn more about the Census of Agriculture, visit www.nass.usda.gov/agcensus. On the website, producers and other data users can access frequently asked questions, past ag census data, special study information, and more. For highlights of these and the latest information, follow USDA NASS on twitter @usda_nass.

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