Compared to the last report, prices were mostly steady but are bullish. Folks are getting a lot of calls, but buyers and sellers are both nervous about making the deal, as all are unsure of where the price should truly be. Pricing is all over the map and not much has settled in yet, as there are a lot of “asking” prices being thrown around, but not a lot of “actual trade” prices to report. Crops out west continue to fail as the drought worsens and water allotments begin to run out. It’s hard to imagine things getting worse, but it apparently can. Once again, as a reminder, forage scams are continuing to crop up. Make sure whoever you are purchasing hay from is legit or someone you know. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor for July 19th, A warm and mainly dry week dominated the region. Temperatures were warmest in eastern Montana and from western North Dakota to western Kansas, where departures were 6-8 degrees above normal. Eastern Kansas had widespread introduction of abnormally dry conditions and moderate drought expansion. Severe and extreme drought expanded over much of western Kansas. Abnormally dry conditions (D0) increased to just over 28%, moderate drought (D1) decreased to near 14%, severe drought (D2) increased to 17%, extreme drought (D3) increased to near 20%, and exceptional drought (D4) increased to near 3%. FULL REPORT

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