Ranch Management Field Day, August 16, Thayer KS

Questions about the field day?
Contact KLA at 785-273-5115 or email taylor@kla.org

Newland Farms, 3405 Brown Rd, Thayer, KS 66776

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


3:00 p.m. Registration

3:30 p.m. Welcome & Introductions

3:45 p.m. Educational Sessions

6:30 p.m. Dinner


Our Beef with Flies: Why House Flies are more than Nuisance Pests

Dr. Cassandra Olds,

Assistant Professor, KSU Department of Entomology

House flies are a common pest in confined animal production systems that often reach nuisance levels. Dr. Olds will discuss

the role of house flies in the spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and the importance of developing integrated pest management programs.

Aerial Seeding Panel

Panel Discussion

Austin Hobbs, Tyce Marple, Bradley McVey & Ethan Seller

Aerial seeding quickly is gaining popularity among those planting cover crops. This panel of local farmers will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using fixed-wing planes versus helicopters to complete the job.

Using Drones for Crop Spraying

Agri Spray Drones

Drones have proven to be an effective tool in crop production throughout the U.S. While drones have a multitude of uses in the field, this session will focus on their usage for liquid or granular product application. A technician from Agri Spray Drones will dive into the metrics of utilizing a drone in this capacity and demo the technology for attendees. Agri Spray Drones is a full-service drone sales firm focused on helping producers and landowners utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in liquid and granular application.

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