W-L Alfalfa 2 Minute Tuesday June 14: Handling Harvest Delays with HarvXtra

What does a harvest delay on an alfalfa cutting cost a producer trying to achieve a high quality crop. Most often it is the difference in the price of grinding hay vs. dairy quality alfalfa and in today’s economy perhaps as much as $50 per ton. HarvXtra alfalfa with Roundup Ready Technology trait can mitigate that challenge as HarvXtra alfalfa can take a 7 to 10 day harvest delay and still achieve the quality that a conventional alfalfa achieved  7 to 10 days earlier when similar fall dormancy and same management are compared, That one single cutting can pay for the increased cost of HarvXtra with Roundup Ready Technology. Consider how many times this may occur during the life of a stand, and you will quickly realize the value of harvest flexibility with HarvXtra alfalfa.

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