Transporting cows to stalks- Ben Beckman

During the winter it can be hard to decide what to feed cattle. Producers have a wide variety of forage and feed sources to choose from, with unique costs and benefits for each. With dry conditions in the western U.S. hay has become increasingly expensive therefore producers have looked towards a lower grazing cost such as crop residues. Figuring out the true cost of grazing stalks or feeding hay can be done by using the UNL Cornstalk Grazing Cow-Q-Later and Feed Cost Cow-Q-Later. Both tools-ask in-depth questions such as transportation distance and cost, the number of grazing days feed loss, and much more.

Fall Grazing of Alfalfa- Jerry Volesky

A common question about alfalfa in the fall is “when is my alfalfa safe to graze?” A benefit is grazing alfalfa in late fall or winter can reduce alfalfa weevil infestations by removing stems and plant parts that serve as wintering sites or a spring laying site for weevil eggs. As it is still late November alfalfa is still quite green despite several nights in the low twenties. Alfalfa can be grazed safely, just be careful and realistic.

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