Wheat graze-out decision during the 2017-18 growing season

Agronomy eUpdate

KSU AGRONOMY – The development of the Kansas wheat crop is behind this year as compared to historical values due to a delayed sowing, colder-than-average winter and spring seasons, and the extreme drought conditions experienced. Thus, there are parts of the state in which the crop is still approaching first hollow stem, such as northwest, west central, parts of southwest, and into north central Kansas. Producers who currently have cattle grazing the crop are faced with the decision of whether to graze it out or to remove the cattle and harvest the grain. This decision will be especially important in areas where the crop currently is stressed by drought; infected by virus diseases, such as wheat streak mosaic; or has a very poor stand. The dry conditions has resulted in little cool-season native pasture growth prompting producers to consider grazing out poor wheat and delaying grazing of native pasture. Read More

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