Update on prescribed burning in Kansas and what online resources are available

Agronomy eUpdate

Dry weather and wildfires have hampered the use of prescribed burns thus far in 2018.  As of mid-March, less than 130,000 acres have burned in the Flint Hills region, with Osage County, Oklahoma accounting for 47% of the burned acres.

What are the reasons for conducting a prescribed burn?  Brush control and increased stocker gains often top the list when you ask that question.  Decades of data have indicated that a mid- to late-spring burn enhances stocker gains with an average of an additional 32 pounds per animal grazing burned pastures.  Stocker gains from burned pastures have almost always been higher, even in dry years.  Brush control is more apt to occur once the woody plants are leafed out.  The exception is eastern red cedar is vulnerable to prescribed burning at any time. Read More Here.


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