Interseeding corn and alfalfa: Yes or no?


PROGRESSIVE FORAGE – Picture this: a tall, green field of corn growing like glory but struggling with what looks like a serious weed problem. Hang on a minute, those aren’t weeds, they’re alfalfa seedlings. Come again?

The idea of interseeding corn and alfalfa has been tossed around by researchers and producers for decades. In perfect growing conditions, interseeding alfalfa with corn would enable producers to maximize the use of their cropland. Planting a crop of corn and alfalfa at the same time would give the alfalfa stand a full season to establish a strong root system without lessening the tonnage of the corn crop. Since yield from first-year alfalfa is paltry at best, leaving it to grow a full year would not only allow the stand to fully establish a root system, but it would also provide some ground cover against winterkill and start the next season at regular production rates. Great concept but there are challenges. Read More

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