Kansas Alfalfa Insect Update

Alfalfa weevils continue to be very active throughout NC KS. This past week the weevil populations were still plentiful and in all stages, including very small 1st instar larvae.

This is really unusual, as we started finding 1st instar larvae back in the 1st part of March. This is really a testament to the fluctuating temperatures that we have seen over the last 2 months, with a relatively warm winter/early spring then a major cool down with several nights of freezing temperatures which have slowed down weevil development significantly. Please remember, if an insecticide application is still warranted, check the Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) for the product of choice.

Source: Kansas Insect Letter

Jeff Whitworth, Extension Specialist, Field Crops – phone: 785/532-5656, e-mail: jwhitwor@ksu.edu

Holly Schwarting, Research Associate, Phone: (785) 532-4730, e-mail: holly3@ksu.edu



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