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Is hay marketing on par with your haymaking?

By Mike Rankin There are plenty of exceptional haymakers across the U.S.; however, for commercial hay growers or those who simply have extra inventory to sell, haymaking is only half of the equation. There’s also hay marketing to deal with. … Continue reading

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10 November 2020 Kansas Hay Market Report

Hay market prices were steady while demand and amount of hay traded backed off a bit. Most contributors stated that although sales and inquiries slowed, there is hay around, with good quality hay becoming harder to find and folks are … Continue reading

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Consider Annuals to Avoid Summer Shortages

-Story by C.J. Weddle During the dog days of summer, cool-season grasses slack off in productivity, but this period is prime performance time for summer annuals. Supplementing your permanent pastures with summer annuals will help curb forage shortfalls. Rocky Lemus, … Continue reading

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