Eastern Kansas Grazing School, Bronson KS

Kansas State Research and Extension, in partnership with the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council and the Natural Resource Conservation Service, will be hosting an Eastern Kansas Grazing Schools on May 5 and 6, hosted by the Southwind Extension District.

Registration is limited to 35 farms, and the cost to attend is $50/farm. Each farm registration includes meals and workbooks for two participants. Extra meals will be $20/person. To register contact the Southwind Extension District at 620-223-3720.

This two-day workshop for beginning and experiences graziers, focuses on management-intensive grazing (MiG). MiG is a flexible approach to using a rotational grazing system, where paddock size, stocking density, and grazing timing is adjusted based on available forage. Attendees will learn how MiG could benefit their operation, and how to implement MiG to their farm.

              Day 1 topics will focus on agronomic principles to maintain healthy pastures using MiG. Attendees will learn how to correctly calculate stocking rates, how to match animal needs to available forages, and how to properly manage their grass pastures.

              Day 2 topics will focus on using modern technology to build the infrastructure needed to practice MiG. Attendees will learn how to build and use electric fence, how to implement and manage water resources, and will get a glimpse of new grazing technologies that are becoming available to cattle producers.

 The school will focus on sound grazing practices that can be implemented into any grazing operation, regardless if rotational grazing is being practiced. The program will focus on grazing cattle, but practices can be easily adjusted for any grazing animal.

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