Compared to the last report demand remains good, prices remained steady, trade activity remains slow, although trades did pick up a bit last week. Overall, reports have come in that there has been more hay offered for sale by cattlemen, but they remain cautious, only turning loose of a few loads here and there. Southwest contributors state that they are in serious trouble as the drought stubbornly hangs on. Wheat is in poor condition and attempts are being made to keep tender young alfalfa plants from blowing out. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor for March 21th, Abnormal dryness and moderate and severe drought expanded slightly eastward in southeast Kansas where streamflows and soil moisture decreased amid mounting short-term precipitation deficits. The categorical percent area for Abnormally dry conditions (D0) decreased to 9.3%, moderate drought (D1) remained near 9.5%, severe drought (D2) remained near 13%, extreme drought (D3) remained near 16%, and exceptional drought (D4) remained near 36%. ** Prices below reflect the average price. There could be prices higher and lower than those published. FULL REPORT

Southwest Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, grinding alfalfa, ground and delivered steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: horse, supreme small squares 12.00-14.00/bale. Dairy, 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Good, Stock or Dry Cow 300.00-315.00. Grinding alfalfa, large rounds, 290.00-300.00, large square 3×4’s and 4×4’s 300.00-310.00. Ground and delivered locally to feed lots and dairies 340.00-350.00. Alfalfa/grass hay mix ground and delivered 300.00-320.00; Grass Hay: Bluestem: 150.00-160.00. Corn stalks: none reported. The week of 3/19-3/25, 4,949T of grinding alfalfa and 625T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought or sold.

South Central Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, ground and delivered, and alfalfa pellets steady, grinding alfalfa mixed, movement slow. Alfalfa: horse, small squares 325.00/ton. Dairy 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Good, Stock cow, 295.00-305.00. Fair/good grinding alfalfa, large rounds 290.00-300.00 delivered, 3×4 and 4×4’s 315.00-325.00 delivered. Alfalfa ground and delivered 315.00-325.00; Alfalfa/Soybean: ground and delivered 300.00-315.00. Alfalfa pellets: Sun cured 15 pct protein 325.00-335.00, 17 pct protein 345.00-350.00, Dehydrated 17 pct 395.00-400.00. Grass Hay: Bluestem, large rounds none reported. Sudan: large round 125.00-130.00. Corn stalks: large rounds 110.00-120.00. The week of 3/19-3/25, 7,396.5T of grinding alfalfa and 200T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought or sold.

Southeast Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay steady, grinding alfalfa mixed, movement slow. Alfalfa: horse or goat, none reported. Dairy 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Good, stock cow 260.00-270.00. Fair/good grinding alfalfa, large rounds none reported, large square 3×4 260.00-270.00; Grass hay: Bluestem, small squares 160.00-165.00, good 3×4 squares 160.00-170.00, large round 135.00-
145.00. Brome, large rounds 135.00-145.00. Corn stalks: large round 120.00-130.00 delivered. The week of 3/19-3/25, 1,344T of grass hay was reported bought or sold.

Northwest Kansas
Dairy alfalfa and grinding alfalfa steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: Horse or goat, small squares 345.00-355.00 delivered, 3×3 squares 305.00-320.00 delivered. Dairy, Premium/Supreme 1.40-1.50/point RFV. Stock cow, fair/good none reported. Fair/good grinding alfalfa, large square 3×4’s 300.00-315.00. Milo stalks, large rounds 145.00-150.00.

North Central-Northeast Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered and bluestem grass hay steady, movement slow. Alfalfa: Dairy 1.40-1.50/point RFV; Horse hay, premium small squares, 12.50-13.50/bale, 3×4’s 290.00-300.00; Stock Cow 3×4’s 220.00-230.00. Fair/good, grinding alfalfa, large rounds 235.00-245.00, large square 3×4’s 260.00-270.00 delivered; Alfalfa ground and delivered 275.00-300.00; Alfalfa/Prairie grass mix ground and delivered 270.00-275.00. Grass hay: Bluestem, small squares 8.00-8.50/bale, large 3×4 squares 150.00-160.00, good large rounds 140.00-150.00. Brome: small squares 9.00-9.50/bale, large square 3×4’s, none reported, large rounds 130.00-150.00. Sudan: large square 3×4’s 130.00-140.00 delivered. Wheat straw: small squares 6.00/bale, large rounds 110.00-115.00, large squares 115.00-125.00. Corn stalks: large rounds 95.00-100.00. The week of 3/19-3/25, 1,025T of grinding alfalfa and 250T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought or sold.


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