Triticale Crop Insurance Under Review, Share Your Thoughts with KSFGC

The Topeka Regional Office of the USDA-Risk Management Agency has started an in-depth review of the triticale crop insurance program in our region that will take place over the next couple of months.  They will be reviewing all aspects of the triticale crop insurance program; including insurance offers, types and practices offered, unit structure, planting dates, and program participation obstacles. They are looking for general feedback from those that work directly with producers on a daily basis to see if you’re aware of any program issues we need to specifically review. 

Listed below are questions we are reviewing for triticale.

  • Should triticale FPDs follow wheat FPDs when wheat dates are changed?
  • Does triticale need to be consistent with the Small Grains Policy in all aspects?
  • Are the existing irrigated and non-irrigated practices appropriate for the county(ies)?
  • Did the recent nationwide expansion increase the number of policies sold and acres planted in 2022?
  • What is the intended end use of triticale?
  • Is the climate in our region suited for triticale production for grain?
  • How is triticale commonly being grown in our region?
  • What are benefits of growing triticale vs. wheat?
  • Is double cropping an option with triticale?

KSFGC will be providing forage grower input and we are asking for YOUR input! Please email us at, or call me at (785) 587-6103, and we’ll forward your thoughts, concerns and any recommendations to RMA.

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