Feeding with Limited Hay Workshop Recording Now Available

Due to the drought, forage production and hay supplies have been negatively affected, to the point that hay prices keep moving up and producers are resorting to baling corn stalks just to be able to feed their livestock. In many parts of the country, cattle producers have made the difficult decision to sell livestock because there is no forage for the animals to eat. 

On August 25, the Cherokee County Extension Office hosted “Feeding with Limited Hay.” The workshop was co-sponsored by the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council and K-State Research and Extension.

The recording is saved on the Cherokee County Extension Website and can be accessed here.

Dr. Bruno Pedreira, KSU SE Area Agronomist, discussed filling the forage gap. Meaning, are there any forages producers can plant to extend the grazing season throughout the winter, what time should they be planted, and when can a producer expect to graze or harvest those forages; and Jim Hollenback, nutritionist with Farmers Coop, discussed using grain and a limited amount of hay to meet the animal’s nutritional requirements. 

Round table discussions followed.

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