Beef Cattle and Forage Field Day, August 4, 2022

RSVP by August 1, 2022 or contact Trista Jones (620-820-6133)

Outside forces have made managing forage even more important in cattle production, says Kansas State University beef systems specialist Jaymelynn Farney.  High input prices, weather events, encroachment of invasive plant species…they’re all important topics that affect cattle producer’s profits. 

The rest of the program includes a morning trip to the field to discuss broomsedge control in pasture and other fertility management, and an afternoon discussion about annual forages. Farney said the field day also includes several indoor presentations, which will be recorded and posted online at

Presentations and presenters include: 

  • Broomsedge and fertility in pastures, Bruno Pedreira, K-State. 
  • What is happening and what is coming with antibiotic usage in cattle, Greg Hanzlicek, K-State. 
  • Using fire and small ruminants for pasture management of undesirable plant species, Laura Goodman, Oklahoma State University. 
  • Demonstration of online tool to determine stocking rates on a per pasture basis, Goodman. 
  • Annual forages for cattle production including development of heifers on different forages, Farney.

The field day is free to attend and includes lunch. This year’s field day sponsors include Green Cover Seeds, Mountain View Seeds, Producers Coop, SEK Genetics, South Coffeyville Livestock, WD Ag Insurance and Zoetis. 

Those interested in attending are urged to contact Trista Jones no later than Aug. 1 by phone, 620-820-6133, or online at to help organizers with a meal count. 

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