Volume 8, Issue 3 (2022) Southeast Research and Extension Center Agricultural Research

The SEREC’s (Parsons, KS) research report is now available online, featuring research summaries from KSFGC members, Bruno Pedreira, Dale Helwig, and Jaymelynn Farney. Reports include: “Bermudagrass Under Different Fertility and Harvest Management Practices,” “Impact of Fertility and Mowing on Crabgrass Quantity and Quality for Hay Production in Southeast Kansas,” “Fertilization Management to Improve Stockpiled Tall Fescue in the Fall,” on the Forage side and “Stocker Steer Gains and Fly Numbers as Impacted by Burn Date and Type of Mineral on Tallgrass Native Range – Year 3,” “Evaluation of Grazing Options During Summer for Growing Heifers – Year 2,” and “Evaluation of Implants, Clover, and Fescue Variety on Stocker Steers – Year 2.”

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