Kansas Grazing Exchange Goes Live!

The Kansas Soil Health Alliance’s Grazing Exchange is now available for use by crop growers and livestock grazers alike, at https://grazing.kssoilhealth.org/.

According to KSU’s Cade Rensink, Central Kansas District, Director, “Our goal with this resource is to match available forage with livestock producers for mutually beneficial grazing relationships. As you all know, working to integrate livestock on the landscape is a win-win for both soil and animals.”

This tool was designed primarily to help farmers integrate livestock into cropping systems without having to purchase them.  In other words, short-season grazing windows on cover crops and residues (45-90-ish days). The exchange is not meant to be a competitor or replacement for the AgKansitions Land Link Program, which aims to facilitate long-term leases and/or transfer of ownership, but rather, the two resources complement each other.

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