UNL: Pasture and Forage Minute Archive

Benefits of Legumes by Ben Beckman

Reducing in pasture can help anyone but don’t try to limit your profit from your pastures. Sometimes you need to invest and this spring you should consider legumes. As spring comes around and the weather gets nicer one will not be excited to pay for nitrogen fertilizer on their pastures. To avoid this cost add legumes to your grazing land. Grazing research in eastern Nebraska has shown that brome/legumes pastures have produced four-tenths of a pound higher average daily gain on yearlings than did straight brome pastures fertilized with 50 pounds of nitrogen. Click the link here to read about this grazing research in eastern Nebraska.

Seed Selection to Combat Alfalfa Diseases by Melissa Bartels

As one thinks about selecting alfalfa varieties to plant this year one should be sure to consider varieties available with greater resistance to diseases. Anthracnose and Phytophthora root rot are two of the most serious alfalfa diseases we are faced with here in Nebraska. Both of these diseases’ symptoms are most devastating in susceptible alfalfa varieties. Therefore, proper seed selection will be the first line of defense for disease management. Be sure to consult your seed representative to get the best protection for your alfalfa fields as new varieties are coming to the market this year. Click the link here to read about seed selection to combat alfalfa diseases.

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