OSU Cow-Calf Corner: Improving Hay Feeding Efficiency by David Lalman

Many agricultural economists believe that finding ways to minimize the amount of hay fed to cow-calf enterprise is one of many keys to profitability. In the past 50 years, hay production has steadily increased while the cow inventory has stayed relatively the same.

Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on Pexels.com

Feeding strategies for large bales may be separated into the use of a hay feeder and rolling bales out. A major advantage to rolling bales out is improved distribution of hay waste and manure over the pasture, which should lead to improved soil fertility. The disadvantage to relying on unrolling hay is the need to feed every day if standing forage availability is limited. As a result, hay waste is a large cot to most cow-calf operations. Click the link to read on: www.nationalbeefwire.com

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