Courtesy: Kim Nettleton

Hay market prices remain steady for both alfalfa and grass hay while demand was fair to good. The southwest and south-central regions have seen a slowdown in sales of grinder hay, and although there were no price changes, the feeling is that the grinder market has softened. Producers report that spotty rains continue slow down haying especially in the east part of the state, where prairie hay has been slow to come on this year and many are just now getting started. Several pockets of dry conditions can be seen in the northwest and along a swath that reaches from the north central border to the south-central border. These regions could definitely use a drink as crops are going backwards. According to the US Drought Monitor for the week of July 20th, abnormal dryness (D0) increased to 40.5%, while moderate drought (D1) remained at .50%. So far Kansas has been lucky this year and for now is in much better shape than our neighbors to the north. North Dakota cattle producers are struggling under severe drought and the State has reactivated their drought hotline. The Complete Hay Market Report can be found HERE. Information on the Drought Hotline can be found at

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