Cherokee County Extension to Host Field Day June 28

Cherokee County K-State Research and Extension will host a Field Day at the Columbus Research Station on Monday June 28 beginning at 4:30pm.  The field is located at 2500 NW 20th Columbus, KS or 2 miles west of the four-way stop in Columbus and 2 ½ miles north.  There are several active projects occurring at the research station.  Participants will be able to walk through the plots and ask questions concerning the experiments.  Currently there are two crabgrass fertility trials; one with Quick and Big crabgrass and another with MoJo crabgrass.  There is another fertility trial being conducted with bermuda grass.  In addition to fertility studies, a weed control trial is being administered with crabgrass.

Besides observing the trials, participants will have the opportunity to meet the new Southeast Kansas Area K-State Agronomist, Bruno Pedreira.  He will share some of the findings from last years data.  Dale Helwig, Cherokee County K-State Agricultural Agent, will answer questions about growing crabgrass and bermuda grass in southeast Kansas.  The field day will be very informal with ample time for discussion.    

This is the second year of the fertility trials.  Visually there are significant differences between the fertility treatments.  The goal is to evaluate the plots on Monday June 28, then K-State will harvest the plots June 29.  The purpose of the studies is to quantify how producers manage their forages and find the most efficient and practical approach.  The results of trial will be compiled and presented later this winter at the Cherokee County Annual Beef Night.  These trials are applied research that producers can immediately use in their own operations.

For any questions about the Field Day, please contact the Cherokee County Extension Office at 620-429-3849.

Kansas State University is committed to making its services, activities and programs accessible to all participants. If you have special requirements due to a physical, vision, or hearing disability, contact Dale Helwig, Cherokee County Extension, 124 W. Country Rd, Columbus, KS 66725, phone 620-429-3849 or email

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