04-13-2021 Hay Market Report

Hay market prices were steady across the state; Demand was light to moderate and deliveries slowed a bit more this past week. The alfalfa has greened up and stands range in height from 3” to 8” in some areas and folks have been busy spraying for weeds and pests, with both weevil and aphids making their appearance in fields. It won’t be long now before those swathers are out and running. According to the US Drought Monitor for the week of April 6th, abnormal dryness (D0) remained at 10 %, moderate drought (D1) remained at 10%, and severe drought (D2) remained at 2%. If you have any extra hay to sell and/or need hay here in Kansas, use the services of the Internet Hay Exchange: http://www.hayexchange.com/ks.php.

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