Silage School to be offered in Salina on May 4

Silage Packing [picture courtesy of Progressive Dairy

Silage School to be offered in Salina

SALINA, Kan. – Last year, there were approximately 5.8 million tons of corn and sorghum silage grown in Kansas.  This resource is used to feed the nearly 6.7 million beef and dairy cattle in the state.  Since silage plays such a crucial rule in the production of meat and milk, those who utilize this forage need to be on top of their game.

Cattle feeders and dairy operators are encouraged to attend a Silage School being hosted by Lallemand Animal Nutrition and K-State Research & Extension.  “Power Your Silage Performance” will be held on Tuesday, May 4 from 4PM to 8PM at the 4-H Building located at 900 Greeley Ave in Salina, KS.

Company experts and university specialists will be presenting on:

  • The real value of achieving density pack and how
  • Silage management for minimal shrink
  • Interpreting silage analyses
  • Is starch digestibility impacted by the inclusion of fiber levels and types?

There will also be demonstrations on kernel processing and fecal samples during the breaks.  To conclude the evening, a dinner will be served to attendees.

This is a free program, but reservations are requested to get an accurate count for the meal.  Interested participants should RSVP by Friday, April 23 to Lauren Kasten by emailing or calling (414) 931-1058.

For questions or accommodations, please contact the Central Kansas Extension District at (785) 309-5850.


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