02-22-2021 Hay Market Reports

Hay market prices were steady for all hay types and demand remains strong, although fewer loads moved due to weather related issues. The sub-freezing temperatures last week tested everyone’s patience with problems galore, which included jelled fuel lines, dangerous road conditions, rolling black outs, frozen water lines, frozen ears on cattle and, even worse, frozen calves. Record low temperatures were set across the state, with one of the coldest recorded at Scandia, KS with -25 degree. Such cold temperatures had farmers and ranchers feeding more hay and rolling out round bales for their cattle to lay on. Contributors also expressed their concerns on the lack of hay available to get them to new crop. But better days are ahead and this week’s warm up will have us turning our thoughts to the spring and raising hopes for the upcoming hay year.

According to the US Drought Monitor for the week of February 16th, only nominal changes were made to the drought categories due to snow that fell within the last couple of weeks. Abnormal dryness (D0) decreased to 16.5%, moderate drought (D1) remained at 23%, severe drought (D2) decrease to 6.5%, and extreme drought (D3) remained at 10%. If you have any extra hay to sell and/or need hay here in Kansas, use the services of the Internet Hay Exchange:www.hayexchange.com/ks.php.

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