Other Hays

As we bring National Forage Week to a close, here is 1 of 21 charts, maps or tables emailed to Kansas Forage & Grassland Council members today. Join now, https://ksfgc.org/membership-types/.  Your membership, participation, and financial support are vital as we work to strengthen the forage industry.

Today’s challenges loom large; land grant university funding for forage research and extension is down, alfalfa acreage in the state is down, invasive species such as sericea lespedeza and red cedar are threatening our rangelands; and yet forage management has never been more important, as feed and pasture costs represent 69% of the variable costs in running a Kansas beef cow, according to Kansas Farm Management Association enterprise analyses.

Again, please take the time to renew you membership, and encourage your friends, neighbors, and local forage-related businesses to join by going to, https://ksfgc.org/membership-types/. And, lastly, please contact me at Mark@ksfgc.org, or any of our Board members to learn how you can become more involved in the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council.

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