We Need Alfalfa Growers to Participate in a KSU Research Survey

KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY – Kansas State University Research and Extension recently launched a project investigating best management practices for alfalfa in Kansas. Headed by Wheat and Forages Extension Specialist Romulo Lollato and Master’s student Kaylin Fink, the project includes a survey asking current and past management practices of Kansas alfalfa growers. A similar survey recently done by Kansas State targeting Kansas wheat fields was very successful, and the data is helping the university’s agronomic recommendations in the state. They expect the alfalfa survey to yield similar results and benefit alfalfa producers across the state. To make this survey as successful as possible, they are asking for as many Kansas alfalfa grower contacts as possible. 

If you, an alfalfa producer in Kansas, are interested in participating in the survey, please contact graduate student Kaylin Fink at kpfink@ksu.edu with your name and phone number. Small and large producers are encouraged to participate. Surveys will be conducted on-farm, online, or by phone this winter. 

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