Joining or Renewing Your Membership to the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council

KSFGC – Many of you are Kansas Forage and Grassland Council members, have participated in a KSFGC sponsored activity, or simply subscribe to this eNewsletter. The KSFGC Board continues to modernize and work more closely with our national affiliate organizations, the American Forage and Grassland Council and the National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance (NAFA).


Part of this effort includes moving completely to the AFGC Membership system. As a result, you may have already, or will in the future, receive a membership invoice from AFGC. PLEASE join or renew your annual membership when you receive this, and if you haven’t, set up your membership account!


By joining KSFGC via the AFGC webpage, you’ll automatically become part of a massive network of forage growers, ranchers and grazers, across the United States.


Or, if you’ve got the time, click on the link below, and join or renew today!


Your dual membership to the Kansas and American Forage Councils, provides you not only the opportunity to support and participate in KSFGC educational events and activities here in Kansas, but also access to “Hay Clippings,” KSFGC’s eNewsletter; the Quarterly AFGC Newsletter; Monthly AFGC E-News, access to the Membership Directory; enews updates from the National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance (NAFA); and subscriptions to both, Progressive Forage Grower Magazine and Hay & Forage Magazine.


Only by working together, can we advocate and effectively provide the education and programs needed to strengthen the forage industry in Kansas.


Annual Membership types include Kansas Affiliate:

Industry Member – which includes businesses, non-governmental organizations, trade associations, etc.


Producer Member – includes farmers, ranchers, hay sellers, hay buyers and forage industry supporters.


Public Member – which includes university research and extension staff, and government agency personnel.

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