W-L Alfalfas Field Day in Garden City set for Tuesday, July 23

W-L ALFALFAS – The W-L Alfalfas Field Day in Garden City is set for Tuesday, July 23, with a 9:30 am registration at the FGI Research Center located East of Garden City, KS Below is a link to register and is helpful in us determining the number of meals to plan for.

This is the first showing of our new research center for FGI and I am excited to be the first to host a group there. This is a full fledged FGI Research center located in the heart of prime alfalfa production country and showcases the newest alfalfa varieties in technology, yield trial plots, cutting management tests, demo plots, nurseries, and salt trials. FGI has been working hard and for many years to arrive at this ability, and I encourage each of you to come and be a part of the newest and best in alfalfa.

This event is designed for W-L Alfalfa sellers and W-L Alfalfa customers in showcasing the current W-L Alfalfa varieties including HarvXtra along with W-L RRA and W-L Conventional varieties. In addition this event will be an excellent opportunity for management to view firsthand the significant investment in bringing the best products to the marketplace in a product you represent. If you have alfalfa customers, they belong at this meeting, and your encouragement in making sure they are invited and you bringing them is vital.

Alfalfa production continues to be a profitable business, and you represent the best in the industry! Lets capitalize on what we have available to encourage our growers to plant the best in the business.

See you on Tuesday, July 23 in Garden City.

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