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Small grain forage options for this fall

Small grain forages can be a profitable option for producers. They can be planted in the fall and either terminated or grazed out in the early spring, allowing time to plant a summer row crop if soil moisture is adequate. MORE


Fall planting of tall fescue pastures

Tall fescue is best seeded in the fall in Kansas. Where there is adequate soil moisture, this would be a good time to establish a tall fescue pasture or hay meadow. By starting now with soil tests, variety selection, and seedbed preparation, tall fescue can be a productive pasture for many years to come.

Both tall fescue and smooth bromegrass make good cool-season permanent pasture in eastern Kansas. Tall fescue is hardier and grazing tolerant that smooth bromegrass and is much more tolerant of wet conditions. Tall fescue can be utilized for fall and winter grazing much better than smooth bromegrass. MORE


Fall planting of smooth bromegrass pastures

Now would be a good time of year to plan for fall seeding of smooth bromegrass pastures and/or hay meadows. If you start planning now, you should have plenty of time to have the soil tested, add lime and nutrients, especially phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) if necessary, and adequately prepare the firm seedbed so that you can have many years of productive forage from your pasture/meadow. MORE



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