Potentially Toxic Forage Crops for Cattle Webinar – June 28


GREAT PLAINS GRAZING – Growing cover crops offers potential benefits, including improved soil health, but some crops can pose a danger to foraging livestock. Those contemplating this decision should know that some plants that work well as cover crops may not be suitable for forage or grazing. Great Plains Grazing team member and Kansas State University Southeast Area

Extension Beef Systems Specialist Jaymelynn Farney will present “Potentially Toxic Forage Crops for Cattle,” a free webinar at 1:30 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, June 28. The webinar is open to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how cover crops can fit into a livestock grazing system. Webinar participants can expect to learn:

  • dangers associated with grazing some cover crop species
  • ways to manage potentially toxic forage crops

Register here; and find previous webinars and learn more about Great Plains Grazing at http://www.greatplainsgrazing.org/.

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