Alfalfa checkoff to start with summer seed sales

The new checkoff program to support alfalfa research is expected to begin with summer and fall alfalfa seed sales. Kickoff Press Release. The National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance (NAFA) board voted unanimously in February to initiate the program and more details are now available.

The checkoff will be assessed at the rate of $1 per bag of alfalfa seed sold and participation will be voluntary by seed brand marketers. One-hundred percent of the checkoff funds will be used to support public research into alfalfa and alfalfa forage systems, the group said in a release yesterday. Alfalfa falls far behind other major crops in public dollars allocated for research, according to the Agricultural Research Service Alfalfa Checkoff FAQ’s.

Checkoff dollars will be used in research areas such as yield improvement, water conservation, development of new storage and harvest systems, creation of new uses, and other efforts holding the potential to advance the alfalfa seed and forage industries.


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