Kansas added to interactive “Cover Crops Decision Tool” web site

KSU eUpdate – Cover crops are a complex topic in many ways. There are lots of choices, each with different strengths and weaknesses, and each suited best for different goals and field conditions. That’s where an interactive web site can be a big help.

There are dozens of cover crop options, and you’ll need to decide which one – or which combination of species – you’d like to use on each field you have in mind.

To make that decision, you need to take into account what you’d like to accomplish with the cover crops, what cash crops the cover crops will be sandwiched between, the hardiness of the various cover crop options for your area, the soil conditions of the field, and much more.

It’s not an easy decision. Your seed supplier can be a big help, but you might like to examine all the options yourself before placing your seed order. Read More

Go directly to the Midwest Cover Crops Council Decision Tool.

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