Valuing Corn Silage and Other Forages Spreadsheet

The old saying “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention” is most certainly true when Valuing Corn Silage and Other Forages Spreadsheet was created. Michael Vogt, former Marshall County Extension Agriculture Agent and now a Kansas Farm Management Association-Northeast Agricultural Economist, originally developed this tool in response to questions about the value of drought-stricken corn during the 2002-2003 Drought that affected much of Kansas.

Unlike grains and even hays that usually have a base market price or value, silage crops are not routinely traded at a commodity exchange or market and thus arriving at an equitable value for both the buyer and seller or a landlord’s share can be a problem. Over time and continuous research and development, this tool can help and even automate the valuing/price setting decision-making process.

Although this Excel spreadsheet was originally developed to value droughty corn silage, it can value other forages such as grazing corn/grain sorghum stalks, sorghum silage, and valuing other silages. Also, there is a worksheet to help with estimating corn yield.

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