Alfalfa Trial

Alfalfa Variety Evaluation Project

It is vital that alfalfa producers have the most current and unbiased performance information regarding alfalfa varieties; and because of that, a collaborative Alfalfa Variety Evaluation project led by Dr. Doug Shoup, Kansas State University Research and Extension, and Jill Zimmerman, Cowley County Extension, along with support from the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council, W-L Alfalfa, Dairyland SeedAlforex SeedsForage Genetics, Kaufman Seeds, America’s Alfalfa , Sharp Brothers Seed, and SDK Labs has been established at the Roger Black farm in Cowley County.

The Alfalfa Variety Evaluation project includes twelve alfalfa varieties planted on April 5, 2016 in fifteen-foot-wide by 600-foot-long strips, with three replications. Annually, both yield and quality data will be collected including neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), total digestible nutrients (TDN) and Relative Feed Value.

Varieties Seeded

AVE Project Varieties

Latest Updates

  • July 18, 2016 – If you look closely, you can see the difference in color between some of the varieties. First cutting was July 8. Weeds are starting to come in and leaf hoppers are gaining. Next harvest date will be approximately August 8 (depending on heat & rain).
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  • May 20, 2016
  • AVE Project May 20 2016
  • Six weeks after seeding – Great stand!AVE Project 6 wks after drilling

Variety Evaluation Plot Location

  • 18182 251st Rd, Cambridge, KS 67023;
  • google maps
  • or 37.222694 x 96.703673
  • Directions to field:
    • 2.5 miles north of Dexter, KS at the intersection of 251st Rd & 176th Rd.
    • From Dexter: Go north on K-15 to 192nd Rd. Turn east 1/8th mile to 251st Rd & go north 1.5 mile to the field on the west side of intersection.
    • From Winfield: Go east on K-15 14 miles and on east on K-38 (162nd Rd) 1 mile. South 1.5 mile to field on west side of intersection.
  • There are flags in the road right-of-way marking the north and south edges of test plot.